Editing Services

Stylistic Editing Services + Copy Editing + Proofreading

Stylistic and line-by-line edits clarify meaning, smooth language, and improve flow, polishing prose to help it sing. Known as stylistic editing in Canada and line editing everywhere else, this line-by-line edit ensures a manuscript’s writing is clean, up-to-par, and clear. Copy edits, on the other hand, correct grammar, usage, and punctuation, and check for consistency. Proofreading triple-checks the typeset text for typos and errors immediately before it goes to print.

As a magazine, newspaper, and corporate editor with more than 25 years’ experience in the field, I’m now offering stylistic editing, proofreading, and copy edit services to writers of fiction and non-fiction, including those self-publishing their work. If you have a completed manuscript that you’ve read, re-read and re-worked, and re-read and re-worked again (!), you may be ready for a stylistic edit.

My services include:

  • A 30-minute phone call to discuss your goals, your audience, and the issues you’ve encountered along the way.
  • A copy of the edit in Google Docs or Microsoft Word with Track Changes.
  • A letter detailing the edits and covering next steps.
  • A one-hour meeting to discuss.

Fees are based on the word count and a pre-sample of the manuscript. Some manuscripts take more time to edit than others, depending on the skill-level of the writer. Edits for well-written, full-length manuscripts cost approximately $5 per page (double spaced, 12-point font). To learn more, CONTACT ME.    

Authors Please Note that stylistic and line edits are not structural or developmental edits. They do not include critique of plot, structure, characterization, or verification of research (fact checking). Structural edits are typically done in advance of stylistic edits. Also note that once a stylistic edit is complete, authors are encouraged to view the edited material through the eyes of a reader to fully understand why the changes were made.

Congratulations on finishing your manuscript, it’s a difficult and remarkable feat. Contact me for more information on stylistic editing.

Lori Knowles